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If you knew Me well…

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Dreams, Illusions or Reality

 I have often wondered why we attribute more value to the “awake” state than to the state we experience when dreaming.

There are many books written onthe dream state but I found many to be too clinical

and none

seemed to me to explore the practical side of this meaningful state.

I refer to it as meaningful since I figured

if it was NOT meaningful to me

why was I experiencing it as often as each night when I slept.

It is with that open mind I began this discovery.

From early on, I was the child that never needed to be reminded about bedtime.

I was the young adult that was not interested in late night parties or

even in highschool staying out late on senior escapades.

I found the dream state to be rich in experience.

Soon many adults began to observe and comment “Do you think her to be depressed?”

She has “Always been this Way” I often heard them say.

I never slept 24 hours straight but I rarely missed my 8-10 hours of sleep at night.

As an adult, my discovery acquainted me with a world where intuition reigned supreme.

The world there was not defined as black or white

nor were there protestants, catholics or jews.

There was no fashion police, border police or any reason for “awake” state enterprise.

There was a language rich in symbology.

One in which I was able to learn, and, there was a practical application to it all.

In the dream state, I found I could ask…and be answered.

Here I found a true resource, one in which I could use in both the dream

and “awake” state.

So, Dear Readers, I ask You

are Dreams Illusions or are they Reality?

What is your experience?